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Czech Presidency of the European Union



The symposium will concentrate on the following topics:


1. Frameworks and tools

  1. a) modeling EW and EM using formal approaches (ontologies, formal semantic)
  2. b) cartographic frameworks for context based visualization, symbology, visual data mining, pervasive mapping with respect of EW and EM
  3. c) integration of geospatial services with emphasis on cartographic representation
  4. d) map based geocollaboration


2. Technologies and infrastructures

  1. a) Geospatial standards 
  2. b) Sensor networks
  3. c) System architectures
  4. d) Real-time data integration and analysis


3. Citizens in EW and EM

  1. a) Public awareness
  2. b) Systems for early warning
  3. c) Voluntary geoinformation systems
  4. d) E-Government and E-Governance: Providing/Analyzing, Elaborating information about disaster to/from citizens  


4. Cartographic and Geoinformatic Appplications (political, health, social, economical, etc.)


Selected papers presented at the symposium will be suggested for publication in a Springer Book:

"Cartography and Geoinformatics for Disaster Management: developments and trends"





  • Ivan LANGER, Minister of Interior, Czech Republic
  • Elem ETEM, Minister for Emergency Situations, Bulgaria
  • .

Keynote Speeches

  • Alessandro ANNONI, JRC Ispra: “Earth Observation Infrastructures: a key asset for Early Warning”

  • Orhan ALTAN, President ISPRS: "Crisis Management and Geo-Information Sciences"
  • Virginia PUZZOLO, GMES Services, EC DG Enterprise:  "GMES in support of Emergency Management“

  • David RHIND, former vice-chancellor of City University, London: "GIS, money and global challenges"
  • General Jiri ŠEDIVÝ, former commander of general staff of the Czech Army and General Andor ŠÁNDOR, former chief of Military Inteligence Service of Czech Rerpublic: "Emergency management architecture and new advanced technology implementation".

  • Milan KONECNY, Masaryk University, Brno: "GI and Cartography Research Agenda for Early Warning and Emergency Management"
  • Wolfgang KAINZ, University of Vienna: "Cartography and GIS in Non-Standard Situations"




DEADLINE: 15.11.2008


Volume: up to 300 words in English ready for printing in MS Word for Windows format (.doc);

Paper size: A4;

Margins: left and right – 20 mm, top and bottom - 25 mm;

Font: Times New Roman; font size - 12 pt, single spacing;

Title: in bold type, capital letters, Times New Roman, font size - 16 pt;

Name of authors: font size - 14 pt (without degrees);

Affiliations: Include data for the authors at the end of the abstract as follows:

  • degrees, name, family name;
    work place;
    address for contact;
    telephone, fax number, e-mai.l

The abstracts should be sent to:




DEADLINE: 31.12.2008


Manuscript Requirements:

The author should send the paper by e-mail in MS Word for Windows format (.doc). The paper and all associated files should not exceed 5MB in size. Please, pack your files as ZIP file titled by your family name (family names of authors devided by dash - example:

Zip file schould include:

  • doc file with text (use template or specifications below), titled the same way as zip file
  • files with figures and tables titled Fig1, Fig2, Fig3 ... Fig10 (eps, wmf, svg, jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif)
  • file(s) with your photo (head) titled by your family name and first name devided by dash (Konecny-Milan)


Microsoft word template and base for tamplate c4c-base-for.template.doc


Margins: left and right – 20 mm, top and bottom - 25 mm, no footer

Font: Times New Roman

Number of pages: max 10 pages, unnumbered

Structure of paper:

Title: capital letters, font size - 16 pt; Bold, Center

Followed by a two-line spacing.

Name of authors: font size - 14 pt, Bold, Center (without degrees); First name - upper and lower Case letters FAMILY NAME in CAPITALS (Milan KONECNY). Authors’ names should be in one line followed by a single line.

Abstract - font size - 10 pt, Italic, Bold.

Text of Abstract: max. 150 words, 10 pt, Italic, Single line spacing. Two lines spacing at the end of the text, 10pt, to proceed with the paper.

Text of paper:

The main body of the paper in Times New Roman 10pt, Normal. Upper and lower case letters. Aligned left. Single line spacing text, with single line spacing between paragraphs, 10pt.

1. Headings:

Major headings or section headings are to be left aligned, not underlined, in capital letters, bold and 11pt. After the main heading and before the text (1) space 11 pt.

2. Subheadings:

Subheadings are to be left aligned, not underlined, in bold, upper and lower case letters, 11pt. After the subheading and before the text (1) space 11 pt.

3. Sub subheadings:

Sub subheadings are to be in bold italic, upper and lower case letters, in 11pt. After the sub subheading and before the text (1) space 11 pt.

Figures and Tables captions

Please, do not  include the illustrations as a part of the Word document. Send it separately as eps, svg, wmf, jpeg, gif, png, bmp or tiff format, named Fig1, Fig2, Fig3 ….  All captions should be typed in upper and lower case letters 10 pt. Italic, Center directly beneath the illustration. Neither bold nor underlined. Use single spacing if they use more than one line. All captions are to be preceded by a reference number, e.g. Figure 1.

Text in Tables

Tables should not be produced directly within the text. Make them an illustration and send them separately (format  and naming see above, you can tables also send as a separate word document). Text in table - 10 pt., normal, Aligned right.

Equations: Equations should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper. Leave two blank lines before and after equations. In case of complicated equation is prefered to put equation as an image (see Figures and Tables)

Symbols and Units: Use the SI (Systeme Internationale) Units and Symbols. Unusual characters or symbols should be explained in a list of nomenclature.

References: Font should be Times New Roman 9pt, Normal. Upper and lower case letters. Aligned left. Single line spacing. Single column format. References should be numbered (see below).

     [1]       reference 1

     [2]       reference 2

Biography of authors and photos: The text of the biography will be 150 words maximum for every author. Times New Roman 10pt. Upper and lower case letters. Aligned left. Single line spacing. Single column format. The author(s) can include a photo in size approximately 3 x 2 cm. Please attach your photo as rastr image (at least 300dpi) named by your family name, detailed affiliation and the biography.

Affiliations: font size - 10 pt; Times New Roman 10pt, Upper and lower case letters. Aligned left. Single line spacing. Single column format.) Structure:

  • degrees, name, family name;
    work place;
    address for contact;
    telephone, fax number, e-mail.




The exhibition will be held on the 2nd floor of the hotel Diplomat. The conference room will be located on the same floor as the exhibition. It is easily accessible by both public and private transport. It has its own metro station and extensive parking facilities.

  • Hotel Diplomat
    Evropska 15
    160 41 Prague 6
    Czech Republic

    tel: +420-296 559 111






The Exhibition form (doc) please download here.


If you are interested in sponsoring or need any additional information, please contact Ms Kristyna Mazankova.

  • GUARANT International
    Kristyna Mazankova
    Opletalova 22
    110 00 Prague 1
    Czech Republic
    Tel: +420 284 001 444
    Fax: +420 284 001 448



Standard exhibition space – minimum 3 sqm:  1 000 EUR

Every additional sqm: 250 EUR

The price includes:

  • Space 3 sqm (without equipment)
    1 printed final programme
    2 Exhibitor registration (free entrance to the exhibition, welcome cocktail and coffee breaks)


The cost per booth does not include exhibition booth. You will have free place with one table, two chairs + electricity plug. In case of interest for other furniture or services please contact

Please note that VAT is not included in prices.



Payment is due at the time of reservation, and may be made by credit card or bank transfer. The full payment must be covered no later than November 30, 2008.

Cancellation conditions:

Cancellation before October 31, 2008

10% cancellation fee

Cancellation from November 1 to December 15, 2008

50% cancellation fee

Cancellation after December 15, 2008

100% cancellation fee



Company listing will be published in the Final Programme in part EXHIBITION. Therefore, please do not forget to fill in appropriate part in Exhibition form on the conference website.



  • GUARANT International, spol.s.r.o.
    Opletalova 22, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
    Tel.: +420 284 001 444, Fax: +420 284 001 448



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